Thoughts on Something Crazy that Happened Recently

Throughout the months before the election, I felt that Trump didn't deserve to be paid attention to, so I didn't listen to him at all. But of course I couldn't help but hear every single last tidbit.

Now that the situation has changed, everyone needs to realize that he's not just another republican whose policies you probably don't agree with. He's not like, say, George Bush. Now everyone must make it completely clear, as often as possible, how adamantly you oppose Trump's right-wing populism and his belief in racial and social hierarchy. You need to never "get used to" his ideas or personality, never finally accept them.

You need to protest as often as possible, or do anything you can think of, especially if you don't think of yourself as a "protester" or "activist". Whatever views you have, however you think of yourself, always oppose Trump - even if you happened to accidentally vote for him.

And if he makes it to the inauguration, if he even makes it 4 years, your stance needs to remain the same and actively against every message he sends containing his insidious white supremacism.

The problem is serious, and now we need to take it seriously!

a crazy bug

Yesterday I was working on a bug that was kind of interesting. Since my friend Tony was talking about writing an article for his blog, I thought I would write down what I've been doing here.

I was told about a bug in LibreJS – you couldn't load when using the LibreJS add-on with GNU IceCat and Trisquel. Wow.... I need to fix this immediately. :rolleyes:

The symptom of the problem was that the browser froze. Each voting arrow on reddit has an attribute that looks like this:

Each of these scripts needs to be processed by LibreJS. The first time it's processed, it computes a hash of the script so the results can be saved for subsequent identical scripts.

Then I saw something suspicious in the debug log. I've linked to it here because there's a lot of text. Immediately at the top it says "too much recursion". If you scroll all the way to the right, you can see the call stack repeating itself many times, confirming the runtime's complaint.

I thought, "Great.. I've found the problem. I've seen this before it must be an infinite loop." I spent a few hours trying to fit the recursive loop into my head – what is it actually doing, and what special if statement should I enter to just break out of it, in this specific case? All these strange onclick scripts must be triggering an unhandled case in LibreJS.

But reddit was loading fine in Mac OS. That was an important point that I had forgotten about. Maybe "Too much recursion" just meant too much recursion for this specific system, and the loop wasn't actually infinite. After reading more about this JavaScript error, I found that using setTimeout can reset the call stack. I tried this out, and it worked.

And now you can read when you're using LibreJS with GNU IceCat on Trisquel Linux.

hacking cooltoad

There are two influential variables in the inbox. They are:

$o = 'folder:inbox'; // (open)
$p = 'folders'; // (page)

Let's try just passing in $p. Cool!

Now let's try changing one. returns a blank page with the text: Unknown command: